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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IUAA Virtual Network?

The IUAA Virtual Network is a core service of the IUAA Member Program and provides all members access to official IU content and news curated just for them, and people who already have something in common: a love of IU.

Do I need an IU degree to be a part of the IUAA Virtual Network?

No. The virtual network is open to all IUAA members!

Is there a cost to use the platform?

It’s free! The IUAA Virtual Network is a core service of the IUAA Member Program. Just join the IU Alumni Association and you’re on your way!

What can I expect as an IUAA Virtual Network user?

By joining the IUAA Virtual Alumni Network, you become a part of a welcoming community of IUAA members. You help create a place where people feel they belong. Please be civil and kind to others you encounter, in alignment with the ethical standards of IU and the IU Alumni Association. If at any time your experience within the Virtual Alumni Network differs from the expected user experience, please share your experience at

How do I sign up?

You can register and join by visiting

Is my information protected?

Yes. Please feel free to review our privacy policy.

How does my information get added to the directory?

The directory is automatically updated with the information you provide during registration, and any updates you make to your profile.

What can I expect to see in my news feed?

All users will see content provided by the IU Alumni Association. Your specific experience will also include content posted by users in the community groups you’re a part of.

Can I create my own group?

Not at this time. We hope you find what you’re looking for in our current community groups – keep in mind we are actively adding more groups around a variety of interests! However, we are always interested in hearing what you have in mind. Please feel free to reach out to us at

Can I create my own event?

Not at this time. We are currently utilizing the virtual network to promote events listed on the external IUAA calendar. If you are a part of an IUAA chapter or affiliate group, you would take the normal steps to publish your event. We plan to activate the ability for users in the virtual network to add their own events in the near future, so please check back for updates. If you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us at

Can I invite a friend to join the IUAA Virtual Network?

Of course! The only requirement is that they are a member of the IU Alumni Association. If already a member, direct them to sign up at If not yet a member, direct them to join at

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! The IUAA Virtual Network mobile app is coming soon and will provide an enhanced experience in finding members and perks near you; wherever you are. You’ll be notified as soon as the mobile app is available.

I need help! What do I do?

Take a deep breath. The virtual network platform is provided by our partner, EnterpriseAlumni (EA), and has integrated tech support. Simply click on “Contact us” and EA will answer any questions and help troubleshoot right away. For non tech-related issues, feel free to reach out to us at

Who can I speak to if I have a question regarding the IUAA Virtual Network?

Please reach out to IUAA at

All set. Take me to the portal.